"Horus Consulting and Training" has in its name an allusion to Egyptian civilization and culture in evoking the name of a God, the mythical God Horus.
Such a God, son of Osiris, had many meanings linked to the beliefs of Old Egypt and to this day in some cultures and sects.

The reference to the Egyptian civilization stems from a natural fascination with the great achievements of it in terms of technological advances in the arts, writing, medicine, engineering and architecture, but above all in the construction and transmission of knowledge.
The Horus Right Eye would represent concrete, factual information, controlled by the left cerebral hemisphere, the one most concerned with words, letters, and numbers, and with things that are descriptible in terms of complete sentences and thoughts.

The Left Eye of Horus would represent abstract aesthetic information, that controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain and more connected to thoughts, feelings and intuition.
We believe that formal, technical knowledge must go hand in hand with living and with behavioral skills. True competence is integral, unique. Our name is emblematic by aligning with our values and the way we seek to serve our customers.